2015 Delegate

Selection Process

Dear Cal ENA Members – 2014 Delegates,

It is time to plan ahead and begin our 2015 Delegate selection process. You are being notified first and a blast email is also being sent to all Cal ENA members.. As in previous years the submission deadline is June 5th for the best position on the list, however applications will still be accepted after the deadline date. I encourage all of you to consider attending the 2015 General Assembly in Orlando as a Cal ENA delegate. This year General Assembly and Annual Meeting will be September 28 – October 3. This year will mark the first ever combined ENA General Assembly, Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting, scheduled for September 28 – October 3, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. General Assembly will be held September 29 – October 1, 2015 meeting each morning from approximately 0700 – 1200.

This year’s General Assembly will be formatted differently than what we have encountered in prior years. The results of the Governance Assessment conducted in 2014 revealed that General Assembly Delegates want to spend more time discussing practice issues, so the 2015 General Assembly is being designed to devote as much time as possible to these discussions. While there will still be opportunity to debate any proposed resolutions and/or bylaw amendments there will also be discussion relating to “Practice Issues”

Do you have a practice issue or challenge would you like to discuss with other General Assembly delegates and bring to the attention of the ENA Board of Directors? Is there something that “bothers you” at your workplace or a clinical topic you would like to discuss with other emergency nurses? If so, I encourage you to complete the Practice Issue Proposal Form. To access the Practice Issue Form you must first log in to the ENA website www.ENA.org Once logged into the ENA website you can use the link below to access information relating to the submission of “Practice Issues”. All “Practice Issue” submissions are to be sent directly to governance@ena.org no later than by 12:00 pm CDT on Friday, June 19.

To access the Practice Issue Proposal Form and for further information about the 2015 General Assembly schedule, resources, and deadlines, you can paste the link below into your browser, (you must first ensure you are logged in to ENA website):


If you missed the previously presented Governance Assessment webinar which discussed the results and recommendations of the assessment a summary of the assessment is available through the “State of the Association” Presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_N_chaFC2M

Please send your delegate application in early for the best position on the list. I am attaching the delegate application and instructions for filling our the application to this message. Please save this email so that you will have the application readily available and don’t forget to encourage your colleagues and new chapter members to apply. You can also find the application and instructions on the Cal ENA website at www.calena.us

1. Complete all portions of your application online, save it to a personal file and then email it back to me, typed and ready to go.

2. Scan a copy of all required cards including your ENA membership, CA RN license and all claimed ENA related verifications/certifications and email/snail them with your application.

3. IF your ENA membership is due to expire before October, renew early in time to serve during the conference. Send me a copy of your renewal. The national office will track your membership renewal and deny your intent to serve if you failed to renew before late August.

4. Alert your chapter leader of your intent to apply. I will email them a complete list of the group when finalized.

Remember that delegates are capped at 700 delegates and are allocated according to the percentage our membership as of mid-June. Each state will be represented by their State President, allocated delegates and one alternate this year.

Questions…email them to me emergencyrnlouise@gmail.com | Looking forward to serving with you as a Cal ENA delegate in Orlando!

Louise Hummel | MSN RN CNS CEN FAEN
2015 Delegate Coordinator