Board of Directors

2016 Elections

2016 Board of Directors Elections

We are pleased to announce that the California Emergency Nurses Association election for your 2016 Board of Directors is now open, through August 14, 2015. All California ENA voting members should receive an email with a link to the online voting ballet. Before casting your vote view the candidate’s information which is available at

2016 President-elect: David Samuelson

David-SamuelsonI am honored to have been nominated as Cal ENA’s President-Elect for 2016. It’s a long story, but I will attempt to summarize. As a young Boy Scout, I admired my Assistant Scoutmaster – he was a volunteer firefighter-paramedic. I always enjoyed our visits to his fire station, especially the ambulance time. Fast-forward a few years, I went to college and found a volunteer student-run campus EMS service at the University of Illinois. I became an EMT my first year there and was immediately hooked! In my time there I was in charge of both the Education and Operations Divisions. I spent years teaching First Aid and CPR; and spent time as EMS Command interacting with police, fire and EMS services. I was hired as a new-grad Emergency Nurse after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2001. My Master’s Degree practicum program took me to Washington, DC, in 2005, where I worked as a full-time travel nurse by night and a full-time nursing administration student by day. After graduation, I accepted a position as the Trauma Coordinator at The George Washington University Hospital. After a short time my family ties took me back to Kansas. I finally made it to California and attended my first Cal ENA meeting in 2012. I have represented Cal ENA in Washington, DC, and Sacramento, CA, for the last three years. I was nominated Treasurer-Elect in 2013, appointed Treasurer in 2014, and re-elected Treasurer in 2015. In 2014, Cal ENA avoided an expected budget deficit, thanks to a responsible Board of Directors. Cal ENA’s budget for 2015, for the first time in several years, suggests more income than expenses. We, as a Board of Directors team, have made great progress this year. With my experience as State Council Treasurer, I hope to continue to build on the fiscal success of the State Council and the quality and quantity of services we provide to all members statewide. I look forward to collaborating with our partners in EMS, state-wide nursing organizations, and other professional organizations, including commercial sponsors.

2016 Secretary: Kathy Van Dusen

User-IconI am seeking the position of CA ENA Board Secretary. As an emergency department nurse for 27 years I am passionate about emergency nursing. I am excited about the excellent work of the CA emergency nurses association and their advocacy on behalf of emergency nurses throughout our state. My strongest personal attributes are integrity, leadership, collaboration, and hard work. I am a “git-er- done” kind of girl and I know I can contribute to the success of the CA ENA. I am grateful for the opportunity to run for secretary and I would appreciate your support.

2016: Treasurer-elect: Louella Buell

Louella-PicLouella Buell is a staff nurse at Kaiser Antioch Emergency department for almost 13 years now. She has become an ENA member in 2007 when she attended the East Bay Chapter Meeting for the first time in Walnut Creek. That year was also the first time she attended a conference and from that day on she was hooked. Louella joined the East Bay Chapter that same year and has served as their President-Elect, President, Secretary and now Treasurer. Since becoming a member in 2007, Louella has served as a delegate in the General Assembly every year. It is her great honor to be nominated for State Treasurer-Elect for 2016-2017. With the experience that she has as the chapter treasurer and with her Chapter’s Past President’s mentorship, Louella Buell believes that she can handle the job. Although sometimes Louella seem so serious at times, she also knows how to relax and have fun. She loves to dance and sing.

2016: Director-at-Large: Patrice Christensen

Patrice-ChristensenI am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the 2016 Director-at-Large position. This past year, serving as the Director-at-Large, has reaffirmed my belief in my chosen profession and this organization. I first became an ENA (EDNA) member in the late 1970’s, a time when our organization and profession were undergoing monumental growth and changes. This was all very exciting to me – a new graduate. I looked forward to my future in emergency nursing and got involved. Today, almost 40 years later, I continue to be excited about emergency nursing and how ENA represents and promotes our profession. I am confident, that we collectively are prepared to meet new professional and organizational challenges and in doing so, will help shape the future of healthcare and emergency nursing. As a Director-at-Large, my main responsibility will be to serve and represent you on the Board of Directors as we strive to fulfill the mission of ENA – to advocate for patient safety and excellence in nursing practice. Thank you for this opportunity to continue to be involved.