2020 started off strong for California ENA with our first State Council meeting of the year in beautiful San Diego, followed by our 2020 State and Chapter Leader Orientation Conference. 400+ ENA leaders from across the United States arrived in San Diego to learn, network, and collaborate during three days of training provided by national ENA.

It’s a big year for the Emergency Nurses Association, as it is celebrating its 50th anniversary! And 2020 has been named the Year of the Nurse, so California ENA has big plans for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

For now, let’s get to know who are your 2020 California ENA Leaders:

2020 California ENA Board of Directors (BOD)
President – David Samuelson
President-Elect – Shelbie Rogers-Alvelais
Immediate Past-President – Janet Williams
Director-at-Large – Dianne Idman-Gervais
Treasurer – Mariann Cosby
Treasurer-Elect – Tyler McCulloch
Secretary – Sarah Wells

2020 Committee Chair Appointments
EMS – Susan Smith
GAC – Jen Denno / Michelle Ravera
Education – Tobin Miller
Quality & Safety – Wanda Pritts
LIP – Julie Rossi
Peds – Deb Lugo
Trauma – Megan Duke
50 th Anniversary – Diane Shertz

2020 Special Appointments
Delegate Coordinator – Louise Hummel
Press Secretary – Diane St Denis
ENA Foundation – Diane Schertz
EMS Commissioner – Carole Snyder
Membership – Agnes Faria
Social Media – Kevin Stansbury
Leadership Development – Debby Rogers
Historian Emeritus – Liz Taylor
Historian – VACANT

2020 Committee Liaisons to the California ENA BOD
EMS – Tyler McCulloch
GAC – Shelbie Rogers-Alvelais
Education – Dianne Idman-Gervais
IQSIP – Mariann Cosby
LIP – Mariann Cosby
Peds – Sarah Wells
Trauma – Janet Williams
50 th Anniversary – Dianne Idman-Gervais

2020 Chapter Liaisons to the California ENA BOD
Superior – Mariann Cosby
Sacramento – Shelbie Rogers-Alvelais
East Bay – Mariann Cosby
San Francisco – Sarah Wells
Mid Valley – Sarah Wells
Loma Prieta – Shelbie Rogers-Alvelais
Channel Islands – Janet Williams
Kern – Janet Williams
Orange Coast – Dianne Idman-Gervais
Greater LA – Tyler McCulloch
San Diego – Tyler McCulloch
Inland Empire – Dianne Idman-Gervais

Our next California ENA event will be our 2020 Legislative Day in Sacramento, CA:

Join us March 4, 2020 for our annual Legislative Day! This year’s Leg Day will end with a cocktail reception with the Leg Aids on Wednesday, March 4th from 6-8pm; please join us and meet your local Legislative Aid. Prior to visiting our legislators, we will meet for breakfast and a presentation on the Leg process and ENA talking points; in the afternoon we will tour the Capitol and visit with legislators.

Professional dress required. No scrubs. The ENA button down collared shirt may be worn. Please wear comfortable shoes for walking.

Breakfast and Lunch provided. Registration is required. Registration deadline 3/1/2020

To register – https://www.californiaena.org/legislative-day-registration

Have questions? Email – calenagac@gmail.com

Our next California ENA State Council meeting will be:

March 5, 2020 0800-1600

Hyatt Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

For reservations, please contact Dianne Idman-Gervais – dianne.idman@sharp.com

See you in Sacramento!

Sarah K. Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL
2020 California ENA Secretary

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