California ENA

About ENA

Our mission is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice. We envision our self to be the global emergency nursing resource and advocate for Safe Practice and Safe Care.

Our values, derived from the vision of our co-founders Judith Kelleher and Anita Dorr, guide our priorities.

We value:

  • The inclusion and contributions of nursing in collaboration with healthcare partners to explore solutions to the challenges of emergency care delivery.
  • Compassion as an essential element of the emergency nursing profession.
  • And embrace inclusion and diversity in all interactions and initiatives.
  • The team-based delivery of resources that meet the highest quality standards of excellence for patients and emergency nurses.
  • Lifelong learning and a culture of inquiry for the discovery, translation and integration of evidenced-based research into emergency nursing practice.
  • Our Code of Ethics and adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity.
  • The spirit of philanthropy which allows the advancement of the profession of emergency nursing and improving the lives of patients throughout the world.
  • And we place the highest value on our members for their contributions to the care of patients and their families, the emergency nursing profession, and our organization.

National ENA Website

California Five-Year Strategic Plans

California ENA

1. To promote and implement the philosophy and objectives of the National Association on the State level;
2. To provide leadership by identifying and addressing issues affecting emergency care and emergency nursing practice on the State level;
3. To maintain liaison with State professional organizations and agencies including but not limited to:
blank-space* California Chapter American College of Emergency Physicians (Cal ACEP);
blank-space* California Emergency Medical Service Authority (EMSA);
* California Board of registered Nursing (BRN);
blank-space* California Nursing Coalition.
4. State legislative issues affecting emergency care, emergency nursing practice, and public healthcare issues;
5. To develop, maintain and monitor a statewide emergency nursing network structure to address professional issues;
6. To provide continuing education opportunities on the State level;
7. To promote Injury Prevention activities through the Emergency Nurses CARE (ENCARE) Institute;
8. To implement all Bylaws and Standard Procedures on the State Level; and
9. To serve as a resource for Chapters within the State in accordance with Bylaws and Standard Procedures.

Emergency Nurses Association Vision

  • ENA leads the way in knowledge, resources, and responsiveness for emergency nurses, their patients and families.

Emergency Nurses Association Mission Statement

  • ENA is a professional member organization recognized internationally for promoting excellence in emergency nursing through leadership, research, education, and advocacy.