Are you ready to be a California ENA leader?

Are you ready to be a California ENA leader?

Are you ready to be a California ENA leader?
Author: Sarah K. Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL
2018 President-Elect
East Bay Chapter of Cal ENA

California ENA is one of the largest state councils in the United States. Boasting over 4,000 members, Cal ENA is a big, vibrant community of emergency nurses. But who directs this amazing group of California RNs?


The Cal ENA Board is a team of six members who lead the Golden State’s ENA State Council. Each year they organize many events, including five State Council meetings, our annual Legislative Day in Sacramento and Emergency Care by the Bay, the Cal ENA education conference in San Diego. It’s an understatement to say that this group stays busy.

The 2018 California ENA Officers –

President – Kathy VanDusen
President-Elect – Janet Williams
Immediate Past-President – David Samuelson
Director-at-Large – Susan Smith
Treasurer – Louella Buell
Secretary – Linda Rosenberg


There is a certain element of mystery that surrounds the Board roles. What do they do? How do they do it? When do they have time? Each role has its own responsibilities, and every member works with the rest of the Board to get all the Cal ENA tasks done. Read on to see an overview of each Cal ENA Board role and their responsibilities –


  • Lead CA ENA State Council
  • Managerial role for meetings, education, Board of Directors (BOD) committees
  • Ensure compliance with bylaws, ENA procedures
  • Appoint committee chairs
  • Prepare & submit annual budget, ensure tax law compliance
  • Plan for officer transition & orientation


  • Succeed to the office of President
  • In the absence of the President, preside over meetings
  • Assist in strategic planning & budgeting
  • Prepare for the upcoming term as President

Immediate-Past President

  • Review policies & bylaws
  • Participate in annual strategic planning
  • Serve as liaison to committees & chapters


  • Coordinates meeting arrangements for the State Council meetings & other events
  • Liaison to event venues
  • Responsible for reservations & food


  • Maintain accurate financial records & documents for incorporation
  • Plan annual budget proposal & budget narrative with other Board members
  • Prepare financial reports for meetings, monthly/quarterly reports on expenditures & income, pay bills


  • Prepare & maintain copies of minutes from Board & State Council meetings
  • Manage Cal ENA e-mail communication
  • Ensure accurate records from all Board & State Council events

To learn more about the responsibilities and requirements of each of Cal ENA Board positions – California ENA


Ever wonder what it might be like to be a Cal ENA Board member? Well we asked Susan Smith, the 2018 Cal ENA Director-at-Large, that same question. Susan, who has worked as a nurse for 28 years and currently is the EMS Coordinator for San Diego LEMSA, has been busy this year organizing our State Council meetings in fabulous locales such as Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara and Sonoma. When asked about what benefits she has gotten out of working in her Director-at-Large role, Susan had this to say –

“The opportunity to get to know our members up and down the State. Gathering hotel reservations and food needs (allergies etc.) for each meeting results in communication with most of our attendees prior to each meeting. I enjoy the interaction. I had RFP knowledge prior, but this role gives someone the opportunity to expand their business knowledge.”


Now that we know what our Cal ENA Board members do, how do you know if you would be a good fit for the job? Luckily Susan Smith, our 2018 Director-at-Large, is here to help –

CAL ENA BLOG: What qualities makes a successful Cal ENA Board member?

Susan: Organized, flexible and the ability to roll with it when things go wrong. Perfect fit for most ED nurses!

So – organized, flexible and able to roll with the punches. That sounds like EVERY ED NURSE! That makes you ready to apply!

Additionally, Susan emphasizes that applicants need not be nervous. The Cal ENA Board is a team. “We are here to mentor you.” Susan told the Cal ENA Blog. Anyone can take on these roles and will have immense support from our current Cal ENA Board members.


To apply to be considered for a 2019 Cal ENA Board position, please submit an email expressing your interest to the Immediate Past-President, David Samuelson at

If you have questions, that’s ok. The 2018 Cal ENA Board is ready to address all your concerns!

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