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Chapter Calendar

  • July 20, 6pm – CE offering: Topic: MCI, Floods and Volcanos…Oh My! Brief chapter meeting to follow. In-person and via Zoom.
  • August 17, 6:30pm – Chapter meeting, in-person and via Zoom.
  • October 11, 6pm, location TBD– Emergency Nurse Day Celebration.
  • December 7, location and time TBD – Holiday Soiree.

See you soon! Questions? Email secretary Leslie Chin at nursechin@sbcglobal.net

The Loma Prieta chapter spans from Santa Clara to Monterey County, including EDs of more than 11 hospitals. Nurses and other professionals join to discuss practice, policy, and plan events.

Want to Get Involved?

  • Attend chapter meetings
  • Post meeting and event flyers in your break room
  • Share your ideas
  • Host a meeting at your hospital
  • Volunteer for a committee
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Loma Prieta Chapter News

  • We have a new membership chair, Michelle (Shelly) Woodfall
  • Last meeting was “Dinner in the Gazebo”
    • Offered a hybrid meeting with CNE
    • Presentation by Diane St. Denis on Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Voted to affirm updated Standard Operating Procedures
  • Continued brainstorming ideas to increase membership at meetings

Chapter Officers

  • Director – Catherine Marlatt
  • Immediate Past President – Kelly Johnson
  • President – Alana Hernandez
  • President-Elect – vacant
  • Secretary – Leslie Chin
  • State Council Representative – Diane St Denis
  • Treasurer – Colleen Vega

Chapter Report to State Council

March 2024

Moving to having meetings every other month.

  • All are hybrid
  • Optional dinner or potluck prior to meeting

Still not able to get more interest from younger ED Nurses. Always discussing different options to make joining a professional organization attractive

2024 will be used to plan for an educational event in 2025

Respectfully submitted,
Diane St. Denis, BSN, RN, PHN, NHDP-BC

Archived Reports

March 2023

Our March meeting canceled at the last minute due to power outage related issues from the storm that hit NorCal.

We are planning a CE presentation at May meeting. Topic will be mass casualty, floods, volcanos and other disaster response topics.

Also in the planning stage is a candy-making class as a social/networking opportunity.

October 2022
Our Chapter met to celebrate Emergency Nurses Week on 10/20/22 at a Meso Modern Mediterranean restaurant. Great food and a good time was had by all. We have completed our 2023 calendar and will continue to have social events and business meetings on alternate months. We discussed our Annual Update which will be held in the fall of 2023. The theme will be, “Anything but Covid”. More details to come!
Respectfully Submitted by
Alternate State Council Representative,
Jan Ogar, RN

March 2022
Our last meeting was a non-business meeting, We brought in dinner and then attended a cupcake decorating class. Seven members attended, one was a first time attendee, We each decorated and took home a dozen cupcakes. Our next meeting will be a business meeting. We are trying to find ways to bring in new members. I have interest by a member about being a first time delegate! She is unable to attend our meetings but is trying to find a way to get involved.

January 2020
Loma Prieta is busy coordinating and finalizing the upcoming annual education event, Survival Skills for the ED Nurse, scheduled May 21, 2020 at Regional Medical Center of San Jose. More details coming soon! Chapter meetings are scheduled the third Thursday of the month.