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San Diego is sending Secretary Michelle Gunnett and President Elect Wilmar Flores to the New Leadership Orientation Jan 27-29th in South Carolina. Please check our Facebook or Twitter accounts for the 2022 Chapter Meeting Calendar.

San Diego Chapter released our 2022 Calendar Meeting Schedule. Attendance continues to be a challenge so all meetings are virtual for now. We are excited to welcome our new President Elect Wilmar Flores! We look for an exciting year and hope to hold our 911 Conference in person. Our meetings will be VIRTUAL on the following dates: Zoom ID: 833 137 7943 PW: SD2022

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  • Jan 18th @ 16:00
  • Feb 15th@ 16:00
  • Mar 15th @ 16:00 Educational CE meeting
  • April 19th @ 16:00
  • May 17th @ 16:00 Educational CE meeting
  • June 21 @ 16:00
  • July 19th @ 16:00 Educational CE meeting
  • Aug – no meeting
  • Sept 20th @ 16:00
  • Oct 18th @ 16:00
  • Nov 15th @ 16:00
  • Dec – no meeting

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Awards to be presented at the ENA 911 Conference

Annual 911 Conference

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August 26th, 2022

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Chapter Report to State Council

March 2022
SD Chapter has been meeting virtually every month. There was a vendor sponsored dinner in March at Morton’s Steakhouse. The speaker topic was about Rabies and the latest treatments. The May meeting was also an educational event held virtually. The speaker was Zachary Shinar, MD who discussed Frontline Resuscitation around the world and ECMO resuscitation data, which was excellent. Our chapter is currently planning our 911 Conference to be held on August 26, 2022 at the UCSD Altman and Translational Research Center in La Jolla. Save The Date!

Archived Reports

March 2020

San Diego Chapter had there first meeting of the year this week on February 18th. We were dark in January due to SCLO and the State meeting. We are really excited about our 911 conference coming up on April 17th and the majority of the meeting was spent on planning that. We also discussed the Lip Sync video we want to do for the National ENA for the 50 years celebration. San Diego is going to host that and have the videographer to do the shoot for us. We will be sending out the date soon so we can get anyone in California to participate who is interested.

November 2019

San Diego chapter represented this year at the National Convention in Austin. A big thanks to Dianne Idman, Susan Smith, Jackie Saucier, Honda McFadden, Debra Duncan, Louise Hummel and Desiree Hadden for representing. It was a great session and lots of work was discussed and voted on. We also have a new board for 2020. The president is Desiree Hadden, the president elect is Linda Rosenberg, the treasurer is Cheryl Graydon, the secretary is Nikki Farrar and the social media chair is Amy Adams. Super excited to be a part of this amazing organization.

We made and delivered candy baskets to all the hospitals in San Diego for National ENA day for ER nurses week! Upcoming on Tuesday November 19th we will be having our meeting coupled with some education on HAI and Angioedema hosted by CSL Behring Biotherapies for Life™ at the Butcher Shop Restaurant in San Diego.

May 2019

San Diego chapter has been busy the last few months. We had our annual 911 conference on 4/26/19 and it was a success with over 100 attendees! We had speakers on strangulation, pediatric cardiology, Life Sharing and more! The following day we had the Poway Chabad shootings that rocked North East San Diego’s world. 4 victims were transported to Palomar Medical Center Escondido all within a few minutes. The team worked so very hard on Mrs. Kaye to save her life but her injuries were just too severe. The hospital was flooded with family and friends of the 4 victims as well as well as support from the Jewish Community here in San Diego. You really never know what you will do or how you will act or how really to handle these situations. We are trained on emergency care, trained on disasters, trained on customer service, live in controlled chaos every day but until you REALLY are faced with something like this, you truly don’t understand the impact it has on you. The management of an event like this truly takes an army of support. Family, friends, visitors, looky loo’s, Law Enforcement, yellow tape, HIPAA, chairs, water, snacks, rooms for the victims loved ones, tissues, crowd control, security and the list goes on and on and this all occurs within minutes to hours and hours. Then you have managing the heart of the loved ones who lost their wife, mom, sister and friend. Those who know there are other victims but unable to give answers and the fear and emotions that grip each one of them. Walking them through one of the worst days of their lives and just being present and there for them was an incredible blessing to both parties. Every single ER nurse trains to be prepared for the worse and prove the best- this should be our goal everyday along with giving the best care we can. Remember you never know the impact you may have on someone’s life that you touch even for a brief moment!

March 2019

Happy Spring everyone! The San Diego chapter has been busy so far this year. A few of us attended both the California State meetings in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. There were several of us who joined Legislation day on March 6th. We had the privilege of talking to several Assembly legislative aides to talk about ENA’s priority concerns: in particular AB329 – work place violence was a hot subject and several of us got to share personal stories.
It’s been exciting to see the engagement from different hospitals around the county at our Chapter meetings this year, as well as several nursing students joining us. We have discussed developing a position of a student nurse liaison serving as a bridge to the student nurse community. Deb Duncan has done an amazing job of connecting with vendors, having them sponsor a lunch or dinner along with the Chapter business meeting. This year we are holding Chapter meetings all over the county to hopefully engage nurses that might not have previously attended. We are also doing a webex for the meetings that are not vendor sponsored. We are most excited about our 911 Conference coming up on Friday April 26th in North County. A day full of education, vendors, food and connecting!
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January 2019
San Diego acknowledged and celebrated the work of its membership: sending 8 delegates to the National ENA conference in Pittsburgh in September (Michelle Gunnett, Desiree Hadden, Louise Hummel, Kaylyn Lavalle, Honda McFadden, Linda Rosenberg, Susan Smith, and Grace Ramirez). Two of our delegates are new nurses attending their first conference and serving as first-time delegates: Way to go, Kaylyn and Grace! Our chapter was honored to have a member recognized at the ENA conference as Distinguished CEN 2018. Wilmar Flores, BSN,CEN was not only given this amazing award, he was also a recipient of an ENA Foundation endowed Master”s Scholarship. Another chapter member, Debra Duncan, BSN CEN received recognition as the 2018 Media Award winner. The award recognizes a media presentation that highlights the work of emergency nursing in a positive light. Congratulations to our chapter honorees!

The San Diego Chapter is setting its sights on 2019 with new and creative plans to increase membership and engagement in 2019. In 2018, we had an increase in the attendance of nursing students. We encourage student nurses to reach out and become a part of our organization. It is exciting to see their enthusiasm for emergency nursing. Our chapter officers have decided to offer the chapter meetings at various sites around the county during the year. Meeting times will be adjusted as well, giving our members some flexibility that might allow them to attend and get involved in their professional organization. It is our hope that our new emerging leaders, those nurses with less than 5 years experience, will join us and offer their fresh perspectives on the world of emergency nursing today. Social media will play a part in the 2019 plan–stay informed through Facebook, Twitter, and watch for a Webex option to attend meetings. There will be a focus of bringing educational topics to the meetings– we want to give you something meaningful when you attend. The ENA San Diego chapter leaders want the members to make this chapter work for them–this is your ENA!!! Get involved, offer your voice to the decisions that affect your profession.

~ Please check the ENA website for dates and meetings times. Join us!

March 2018
Our annual Educational 911 Conference is Friday April 27, 2018 at the La Mesa Community Center. Registration details on our website. We recently sent out a postcard to all our Chapter members with information about educational opportunities, tool kits and upcoming events both locally, statewide and nationally which can be found on Also included was information on our Local Chapter and State Meetings. We are still accepting Scholarship applications to be awarded at our Conference April 27th.

January 2018
For Emergency Nurse’s day a group of members got together and put together and delivered jack-o-lantern candy filled buckets to the 21 ED’s in San Diego, They were well received by the ED staff members. All appeared to enjoy our Annual Bonfire at the Kona Kai in November after the ” Emergency Care on the Bay” Conference. A special thanks to Mercy AirMethods for providing the generous appetizers they were enjoyed by all! Our annual 911 Conference will be Friday April 27 at the La Mesa Community Center. Registration information will be posted on the website soon. So “save the date”. Our Chapter 2018 Scholarship applications will be out soon, The scholarships will be awarded at the 911 Conference on April 27th. Meet our 2018 Chapter Board: Dianne L Idman-Gervais, RN-President Mary Meadows-Pitt,RN-Immediate past president Debra Duncan,RN-President Elect 2019 Cheryl Graydon,RN-Treasurer Linda Rosenberg,RN-Secretary Susan Smith,RN-Media Relations

May 2017
Our annual 911 Educational Event was a great success. Excellent speakers, food, and vendors. A special thank you to Mercy Medical/Air Methods for providing the delicious lunch.We appreciate your consistent support of the Emergency Nurse’s Association. In March Kycentra sponsored a dinner/Educational event at Fleming’s steak house downtown. The presentation was extremely well presented and informative.

We have had increased attendance at our meetings by student nurses. Exciting to have them attend and we have shared the mission and benefits of membership and involvement in ENA. We hope to continue to see them in the future and get then engaged. A CEN review course will be presented at Palomar Medical Center May 20 and 21. Information for registration is on the California ENA website. Education Page

March 2017
Thank you to the State BOD for supporting two of our Chapter Leaders to attend the Leadership Conference in Las Vegas in February. It was a excellent venue, and a great learning, networking opportunity. It is much appreciated. Our annual 911 Conference will be Friday April 28th at the Vista Civic Center. Information for registration is on the website. March 23rd there will be a Chapter Education meeting sponsored by Kcentra at Flemings in downtown San Diego. At our February Chapter meeting we had 8 student nurse’s attend. We explained what ENA is all about, its Mission and will hopefully get them engaged and involved. San Diego has 2 CEN Review course’s coming up in the next several months . Information is on the website: Education Page

January 2017
Happy New Year! We are looking to have a busy year. The chapter has committed 2017 to work to recruit new members and increase participation in our chapter activities.

In December we had a vendor /education dinner at Lou and Mickey’s in downtown San Diego. It was an excellent presentation by Salveo on ” IV Fluid and Infection Management / Hazardous Drug Handling”. The dinner was awesome!

Several Chapter members staffed first aid stations for “Pedal the Cause” here in San Diego in November.

A special thank you to Mercy Air San Diego for their support of ENA and providing appetizers for the bonfire at the Kona Kai after the State education event in November. Greatly enjoyed and much appreciated. Our Annual 911 Conference will be Friday April 28 at the Vista Civic Center in Vista, CA. More details to follow on the website soon.

October 2016
We are currently brain-storming ways to increase member participation and have several chapter events in the planning stages. We had a well attended Chapter meeting in conjunction with at fabulous dinner at Roys’, sponsored by Mallinckrodt. We hope to plan more sponsored Chapter events as one method to increase attendance. We are researching options for a December holiday event.

San Diego sent 8 delegate representatives to National General assembly in LA. Two chapter members went to a CSNA Conference and manned a vendor table and gave a presentation to the student nurse’s about “What is ENA”. Our chapter also sent representatives to the Southern California Emergency Care Conference in September to man a vendor table and spread about ENA activities.