Committee Information

The ENA Foundation is accepting applications for grants and scholarships as follows: ENA Foundation/Sigma Research Grant – now until March 30, 2020 Academic Scholarships – now until April 28, 2020 EN 20 Conference Scholarships – March 16, 2020 until April 13, 2020 Seed Research Grants ($500/project) – August 1,2020 until September 30, 2020 Please visit the ENA Foundation at www.ena.org. Thank you to Tobin Miller and AMR, Judy Scott and Diane Schertz for donation of today’s prizes for the Opportunity Drawing which raised $300 for the State Challenge.

Committee Report to State Council

August 2022

Chapter/Committee News:

1. The 2022 ENStrong final report is as follows:
a. A total of $311,00 was raised. (Texas #1 with $42, 321 and California #5 with $16,519)
b. California was #8 in the Team Challenge. Shelbie Rogers #1 and Orange Coast/Jillian Lee #3 in the Social Media Category and Diane Schertz #4 in Recruiting.

2. The “Recharge” Virtual Silent Auction will be held the month prior to Annual Meeting. California donated the Recharge YOUR Senses Package. Valued over $500 contains windchimes (hearing), virtual reality headset (sight), essential oil aroma diffuser (smell), Blue Diamond almonds (taste), Shiatsu massage chair pad (touch) and a book on Mindfulness.

3. The CalENA Board donated $5,000 to the Judith C. Kelleher Endowment.

4. There will be two fundraising efforts in November. The Education Day Opportunity Drawing will raise funds for the 911 Endowment. The State Council Opportunity Drawing will begin the 2023 ENStrong fundraising. (Reminder-Channel Islands, Kern County and Mid Valley Chapters assigned for prizes for SC)

5. Huge thanks to Lynn Visser for the donation of books which raised $73 and to San Francisco, East Bay and Loma Pieta chapters, Judy Scott, Louise Hummel, Shelbie Rogers, Patrice Christensen and Diane Schertz for today’s Opportunity Drawing Prizes which raised $480.

6. THANKS to all who participated today in raising a total for $553 for ENAF’s Judith C. Kelleher Endowment!!

Archived Reports
May 2022
1. As of May 19,2022, ENStrong2022 has raised $244,190 of the $300,000 goal. Texas ENA leads with $37,978 donated. California ENA is in 6th place with $9,155 pending chapter donations. Reminder that the Board suggested that each chapter donate $2 per member. Chapters need to notify Treasurer Angela Musciello to transfer funds before May 31st. Orange Coast Chapter is currently tied for 1st place with 80 points for Social Media Postings.
2. The ENA Foundation will be sponsoring a Virtual Silent Auction which will begin in August and close during the Annual Meeting. The theme will be RECHARGE. California will participate with a donation. Request suggestions for a prize to fit this theme. Please forward to Diane Schertz at dischertz@comcast.net by 30 June,
3. August State Council Opportunity Drawing will raise funds for the Judith C. Kelleher Endowment.
4. In November we are considering doing a Silent Auction at the Education Event in Yosemite. The State Council Opportunity Drawing will raise funds for the 911 Endowment.
5.Today’s Opportunity Drawing at the State Council meeting raised $860 for the ENStrong2022 challenge. Thank you all for the awesome support and thanks to all for the numerous donation of prizes!!- LA Chapter, Laura Gutierrez, Orange Coast Chapter, Julie Rossie, David Samuelson, Judy Scott, Shelbie Rogers, Cal ENA Board, Diane Schertz and anyone else I may have missed. You are all so generous in your support of scholarships and research grants from the ENA Foundation programs.

March 2022

1. The Emergency Nurses Association Foundation (ENAF) is accepting applications for Academic Scholarships until April 29, 2022 and EN22 Annual Conference Scholarships until April 18, 2022.
2. The ENA/Sigma Theta Tau Research Grant submission closes March 28, 2022.
3. Submission for Seed Grants opens on September 12 and closes October 21, 2022.
4. The ENStrong Challenge kicked off at Leadership Orientation the end of January and ends May 31, 2022. State Councils, Chapters and individuals may join the Challenge by visiting ENAF or ENStrong @ ena.org. Donations will support scholarships, continuing education and research and may be made at: p2p.one cause.com/enstrong2022/team/california-state-council or visit ena.org and search find my team at ENStrong. The goal is $300,000 and $129,416 has been raised so far with Texas on top of the Leader Board having donated more than $36,000.
5. Thanks to the following for donation of gifts for today’s Opportunity Drawing: Kara Davis and Superior Chapter, Judy Scott, and Sacramento Chapter, Mindy Elayda, Krystal Scott, Blossom Inuenwi, Mary Gannon and Diane Schertz. We raised $575 for ENStrong. Much appreciation to today’s attendees for your support of the Foundation!

January 2022

1. ENStrong Campaign (State Challenge) will kick off at the State and Chapter Leadership Orientation in Charleston, SC at the end of January and runs through to May 31, 2022. California will pledge $10,000 but of course we want to raise as much money as possible in support of the Foundation. Last year we raised over $27,000. The online donation format will probably continue as it was used last year-more information to follow.

2. Thanks to Inland Empire Chapter and Diane Schertz for donation of prizes for today’s Opportunity Drawing which raised $295 for ENStrong.

3. Prize donation for the next State Council meeting will be the responsibility of the Sacramento and Superior Chapters.

March 2020

Committee reviewed suggested edits to draft Proclamation template. Debby Rogers will complete changes and develop a procedure on how to engage officials to initiate a Proclamation. These will be forwarded to chapters to use in their local jurisdictions. National ENA has renewed the Membership Challenge for 50,000 members for our 50th year. Various levels of rewards may be found on www.ena.org. California ENA currently has 4707 members with a goal to reach at least 5000 members by Annual Meeting in September. We encourage each chapter and their Fellows to donate memberships to use in recruiting new members. Diane Schertz will work with Janet Williams to determine how the Board wants to implement the 50th Grant Scholarship. One suggestion was that it be used to help mitigate expenses for one member to attend EN 2020. Chris Hewitt and Sarah Wells have investigated doing a 5K event in Monterey on Saturday May 16th following State Council. Working with officials in Monterey revealed the need for insurance. After discussion, the committee decides to make this a less formal event. Individuals interested in participating will meet in the hotel lobby on Friday May 15th at 0630 for a 3K walk prior to the Chapter Rep meeting. Committee continues discussion about possible CA 50th Anniversary merchandise to sale at Annual Meeting. East Bay and San Francisco Chapters have already committed to selling items for their chapters. This item remains open for further investigation. In interest of time, discussion on the November Gala was tabled. Also noted, there has been little response from New York concerning a joint event with California at Annual Meeting. National ENA 5oth Anniversary Video Challenge was presented at State and Chapter Leadership Orientation (SCLO). ENA members or groups may submit a less than three minute video showcasing ENA’s 50th Anniversary. Winning video will be shown during Opening Session in Las Vegas. Desiree Hadden (Palomar Medical Center in Escondido CA) has taken the lead on California’s submission which will highlight our 5 decades. She has arranged for a videographer on Sunday, May 3rd at 5 AM. Those wishing to participate should RSVP to her for further information: desireern1@gmail.com

January 2020
The Emergency Nurses Association Foundation’s 2020 State Challenge Campaign kicks off today and runs through May 31st with the theme ENSTRONGer. 2. Today’s prize donations are greatly appreciated from Orange Coast Chapter, San Diego Chapter, Julie Rossie and Diane Schertz. 3. Currently, $620 are available for the State Challenge and today’s opportunity drawing raised an additional $615. Thanks to all for your generous support.

50th Anniversary Celebration Committee – January 2020
1. Debby Rogers has written a draft Proclamation and requests editorial input from members. 2. State Council attendees received pens and ENA M&M “prescriptions”. Each chapter representative received a packet of pen for their chapters. Inscription on pens state “California ENA State Council celebrates ENA @ 50 and visionary founders Anita Dorr, RN and Judith Kelleher, RN”. 3. State and Chapter Leaders Orientation (SCLO) attendees will receive pens and ENA M&M “prescriptions” from Cal ENA and hand sanitizers from the San Diego Chapter. 4. Thanks to Desiree Hadden and the San Diego Chapter for the “70’s” History Display for the committee’s Decades Project. 5. Chapters are planning local 50th Anniversary celebrations. 6. Screening of “In Case of Emergency” film will be Friday at SCLO with the Premiere in New York during Nurses Week. Future plans for individual state showings are pending further coordination with Carolyn Jones Productions. 7. Diane Schertz donated Judith Kelleher/Anita Dorr Portraits to California ENA Board and each chapter to use at meetings and 50th Anniversary events.

November 2019
Thanks to Judy Scott, Louise Hummel and Diane Schertz for the donation of prizes for today’s opportunity drawing. Participants raised $620 towards our donation to the ENA Foundation State Challenge Fundraiser which will begin at the State and Chapter Leadership Orientation in January in San Diego. Thanks for the AWESOME support!

August 2019
The State Challenge raised nearly $222,250 beating the $190,00 goal by 17%. California donated $15,314. Texas had the largest number of individual donations at 112. States with the highest per capita increase based on 4 categories of size of membership were, Montana, Alaska, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.
Thanks to San Francisco, East Bay and LA Chapters and Leadership in Practice Committee (Julie Rossie) for today’s donation of prizes for the Opportunity drawings which raised $930 for the Judith C. Kelleher Endowment. Your support of the ENA Foundation is always AWESOME!

May 2019
The State Challenge campaign will end on May 31st. Currently, 80% of the $190,000 has been raised with Texas leading with a donation over $32,000. California’s donation is currently $9,351. Today Chapters pledged at least $1/member. Our Opportunity Drawing raised $1094. Appreciation to Mid Valley and Inland Empire Chapters, Leadership in Practice Committee (Julie Rossie) and Judy Scott for the donation of prizes and a huge THANK YOU to all who participated. Your support of the Foundation is awesome!

March 2019
The ENA Foundation State Challenge kicked off on January 24th at the Leadership Orientation in Chicago and continues until May 31st. California ENA pledged to raise $5000. Currently $76,886.31 has been raised nationally towards ENAF’s $190,000 goal. Thanks to San Francisco ENA , Sacramento ENA and Diane Schertz for the prizes donated for today’s Opportunity Drawing which raised $1257. Members can register on smile.amazon.com to contribute 0.5% of eligible purchases to the ENA Foundation. Academic scholarship applications are being accepted March 1-April 28, 2019. EN 2019 conference scholarships are being accepted February 11-March 29, 2019. Please visit the ENAF website for details and to apply. Cal ENA has the opportunity to name a second scholarship from the 2018 State Challenge. To honor all those affected by the multiple disasters that California has experienced , it was decided to name the California Disasters Memorial Scholarship.

August 2018
The ENA Foundation State Challenge Campaign had a goal to raise $130,000. California’s $9,223 helped raise the final total of $222,724. The largest percentage increase per capital award went to Oregon State Council. New Jersey State Council won the largest number of individual donations per state award. Texas State Council made the largest donation of $44,135. There will be multiple opportunities to donate to the ENAF at Emergency Nursing 2018 in Pittsburgh through Opportunity Drawings and purchasing VIP access for the Welcome Party. There is also still time to buy bricks for the Pave the Way to Your Legacy at the new ENA Headquarters Building. This may be done online or by contacting ENAF @ 847-460-4100. 4″x8″ bricks are $250 and 8″x8″ bricks are $500. Thank you to the East Bay and Mid-Valley Chapters, Julie Rossi and the Leadership in Practice Committee, Judy Scott and the EMS Committee, Kara Davis, Patrice Christenson, Louise Hummel and Diane Schertz for the donation of prizes for today’s Opportunity Drawing which raised $785 for the Judith C. Kelleher Endowed Scholarship. November’s fundraising will be for the 911 Scholarship Endowment. Your unwavering support is so greatly appreciated!

May 2018
The Cal ENA Board of directors requested that each chapter donate a dollar for every member of the chapter in support of the ENAF State Challenge campaign which has been extended to June 30th. The Board is purchasing bricks in recognition of Judy Kelleher, ENA Co-founder and the California State Council in support of the ENAF State Challenge. Thanks for the donation of prizes for today’s Opportunity Drawing from Inland Empire Chapter, Loma Prieta Chapter, Julie Rossi/Leadership in Practice Committee, Mindy Elayda/San Francisco Chapter and Diane Schertz which raised $385. Prizes for August Opportunity Drawing in Sonoma will be provided by Superior and San Diego Chapters. Funds raised will go to the Endowment of Judith C Kelleher Scholarship.

January 2018
The Board has assigned Chapters to specific State Council Meetings to provide gifts for the Opportunity Drawings in 2018. Thanks to Orange Coast Chapter, EMS Committee, Leadership in Practice Committee and the ENAF Fundrai$ing Committee for the Opportunity Drawing prizes at the Laguna Beach meeting. Thanks to all who contributed to raise $441 towards our State Challenge Donation for ENAF.

November 2017
We had a two day opportunity to raise money for the 911 Endowment Fund in November with the ENA by the BAY education event on the 16th and the State Council meeting on the 17th. The opportunity drawing on the 16th had great prizes including 2 night stay at the Double Eagle Resort and Spa, latest edition of ENA’s Core Curriculum( edited by California’s very own Vicki Sweet), a Power Air Fryer Oven (in honor of 2017 Year of the Healthy Nurse) and lots of “fire” with a Kindle Fire and a Firefly Crystal Bracelet netting $445. But the great State Council was not to be outdone raising an additional $540 on the 17th. The generosity of the nurses in California never ceases to amaze. That being said…the challenge is on for 2018 State Challenge Fundraising event which commences in Feb and ends May 31st. The State Councils of Texas and California are “locking horns” to see which state can raise the most money and the loser must serenade the winner at the Annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Our talents not withstanding-I think we would rather be sung to than sing! So please spread the word to your colleagues and let’s show them some “gold” from the Golden State. Huge thanks to the many individuals and groups who donated prizes for the November events, State Council Board and Committee Chairs, Chapters-especially San Diego and Orange Coast, David Samuelson, Janet Williams, Kathy Van Dusen, Dianne Idman-Gervais and Diane Schertz and apologies to anyone I forgot.(I blame it on the Alzheimer’s :>).

March 2017
Cal ENA pledged $5000 to the ENA Foundation at the kick off for the State Challenge at the State Leaders Meeting in Las Vegas in February which runs until May 31st. Chapters made pledges to the State Challenge. Thanks to the Government Affairs Committee, EMS Committee, Sacramento Chapter, Kara Davis and Diane Schertz for the multiple prizes for the March State Council meeting’s Opportunity Drawing. Cal ENA-Tee it Up for Scholarships Campaign was kicked off by playing the putting green and raised $1120 by the generous attendees at the State Council Meeting. THANK YOU ALL.

January 2017
2016 State Challenge raised $129,070 to fund 2017 scholarships. This was 103% of the goal. California was a big part of this and it is greatly appreciated. Academic scholarship application electronic portals open March 1, 2017. Submission deadline is April 28, 2017.Recipients will be notified on August 1, 2017. For more information about available scholarships, visit ENA.org. STTI/ENA Foundation. Research Grant deadline is March 1, 2017 and recipients will be notified in June. Scholarships for ENA Annual Conference registration will be offered again in 2017. More information on this to follow later this year. State Challenge beings Feb 1, 2017. The 2017 campaign will kick off at the opening party of the Leadership Orientation in Las Vegas. The theme this year is “Tee It Up for Scholarships” in honor of the inaugural golf classic to be held in St Louis in September in conjunction with ENA 2017. The State Challenge ends May 31st so anyone planning to donate to the ENA Foundation is encouraged to donate during this event to help California State Council win the challenge. January’s State Council meeting Opportunity Drawing raised $345 for the State Challenge. Thank you to the East Bay Chapter and Judy Scott & the EMS Committee for the donation of prizes.

November 2016
A Huge THANK YOU to Diane Idman-Gervais and the Education Committee for an excellent education conference this November, and especially for organizing the awesome Opportunity Drawing which raised $825. Special thanks to the following individuals/groups for the donation of the prizes: Kathy Van Dusen – A 2-Night Stay at the Double Eagle Resort; Marty Hay – a gorgeous handmade quilt; National ENA for 2 annual memberships; Cal ENA Education Committee – 2 EN 2017 conference registrations and Diane Schertz- the framed California laser cut print. Thanks to the San Diego Chapter and Janet Williams for the donation of gifts for the November State Council meeting Opportunity Drawing which raised another $390. The total going to the ENA Foundation 911 Endowment Fund from these two event is $1215. Awesome! Your generosity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

ENA Foundation’s State Challenge

Check out the ENA Foundation’s State Challenge page at https://www.ena.org/foundation/fundraising/Pages/StateChallenge.aspx

Diane Schertz
Cal ENAFundraiser