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Hi fellow ENA members,
Everyone in our ENA community would like to invite you to join our professional organization. We have been campaigning successfully for many years to increase the number of our national as well as our state membership. It has involved a lot of work by our local chapters and state council, as well as individuals to overcome barriers and to develop pride in becoming a valuable member of their own professional organization. As an organization, we have helped to provide courses, free CE’s and have granted scholarship to those who wanted to pursue higher education.

We know that you would be a great addition to our organization, especially with your knowledge about emergency nursing.

State council meetings are held 5x a year and are posted on the website a year in advance to give members plenty of time to plan to come.

We also have our ENA 2020 member challenge ongoing. Visit our ENA website for details

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We know that you will enjoy being a member as much as we do. Email me if you have any questions.
Agnes Faria

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Membership Committee Chair Report

March 2022
California has 5325 members in March 2022 with 23 new members. I would like to challenge each chapter to try to get 1% of their members to attend the state meetings, and 2% if you are the host chapter. That means Kern needed 0.9 attendees, Los Angeles 9 and Sacramento 14. I think we were close. If you would like a name badge, please email me with your name, the letters you want after your name and your chapter. I will forward this to David S to make and bring to the next state council meeting members per council–East Bay 450, Greater LA 945, Mid Valley 339, Orange Coast 438, San Diego 576, San Francisco 454, Loma Prieta 379, Sacramento 714, Inland Empire 596, Channel Islands 189, Superior 129 and Kern 93.

Archived Reports
January 2020
4685 total CalENA members, including 17 NCE members. ENA National Component relations notified every month to assign new members not assigned to a specific chapter. 26 new members joined for the month.

May 2019
4,532 total members 34 new members! Emailed Welcome letter from CalENA sent to all of them. All presidents were also notified of new members so that we can all reach out to them. East Bay-4 GLA-6 MidValley-3 Orange Coast- 3 San Diego- 4 San Francisco- 2 Loma Prieta-3 Sacramento- 4 Inland Empire- 5

March 2019
As of March 3,2019, There are 4,480 CalENA members, 17 of which are on the NCE list. Email has been sent to the National Membership Component Office to assign them to their respective chapters. I also emailed the chapter presidents to reach out to their new members and will continue to do this on a monthly basis. Welcome letters are being sent to new members monthly. Current numbers for each chapter East Bay- 386 including 1 new member Greater LA- 779 including 2 new members Mid-Valley- 293 including 1 new member Orange Coast- 405 San Diego- 489 San Francisco- 411 with 1 new member Loma Prieta- 274 Sacramento- 593 Inland Empire- 456 Channel Islands- 174 Superior- 134 Kern- 69 including 1 new member Have also been contacting Membership Component relations regarding brochures and swags for new member welcome gifts. I was told that currently, there’s nothing we can gift for free but members are encouraged to go to the marketplace so they can avail a 20% discount on merchandise. Email received below from National: Hello Agnes, Thank you for your inquiry. We have checked, but we currently do not have any free ENA swag to distribute to new members. We have brought this up to our Supervisor to see if it’s something we can offer in the future- thank you for your idea! Please note we currently do have free recruitment materials upon request to assist with your recruitment efforts. You simply need to fill out an online request form. Also, as a reminder, your new members now enjoy all the ENA Member benefits which include 20% off online courses, ENA products, and merchandise found on the ENA Marketplace. Feel free to check it out! As always, please contact us with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you, Liz Aragon Member Services Representative