The Pediatrics Committee

The Pediatrics Committee meets at 9:00 to 10:15 at State Council. Everyone is invited to attend. If you are not able to attend, but would like to submit a topic for discussion or share information, please E-mail it to Debbie Lugo

The 2021 Chair and Officers are:

  • Chair: Debbie Lugo
  • Director: Mindy Potter
  • Director: Flora Tomoyasu
  • Past Chair: Brandon Stinnett

Pediatrics Committee News

We discussed the timeline and updates on the upcoming 6th edition ENPC and the webinars for instructors with the latest information. Current instructors need to complete disclosures before teaching in 2022. Congratulations to the 7 students that completed the committee-sponsored ENPC instructor class. Several of these new instructors will help bring pediatric education to some areas of California that don’t have a lot of access to ENPC courses. Due to increased interest, we are looking to hold another committee-sponsored ENPC instructor class around April; a date will be announced soon.

Committee Report to State Council

Date: 2024-03-12

1. New generic chair email:
ii. Use the above email for any questions for the Chair or Chair-elect, recommendations on pediatric committee projects, or to nominate a hospital or nurse for their efforts to make changes in their hospital to benefit pediatrics.
C. ENA is preparing for the launch of ENPC 6th Edition.
i. ENPC 6th Edition Informational Webinars
Click on the link below to register for a 45-minute webinar that covers the transition to the new editions. There are four time slots to choose from.
ii. August 25 at 2:00 pm CT:
iii. Requests for more to be scheduled in 2022, need to pick a date early to avoid running out of time to monitor teach before 6th Edition rolls out in October.
iv. August 31, 2022: Last day to teach the ENPC 5th Edition Instructor Course
v. Mid-October 2022: ENPC 6th Edition Instructor Update will be available
vi. Mid-November 2022: ENPC 6th Edition Provider Courses will be available
vii. January 23, 2023: Last day to teach the ENPC 5th Edition Provider Course.
D. Fall Bill committee met last weeks, the discussion was around mimicking the STOP the FALLS campaign that was initiated in 2003 by Chicago
1. Public Health Campaign Pays Off: Window Falls Drop by 50 Percent | Lurie Children’s (
2. STOP THE FALLS: An Initiative to Prevent and Decrease the Number of Window Falls in Children | Pediatrics | American Academy of Pediatrics (
3. Preventing kids’ window falls: Expert speaks on dangers of open windows – Stanford Children’s Health (
E. HOT Topics and Resources
1. Monkey Pox update for pediatrics: be informed of children presenting with pox like rash and address family concerns with appropriate fact-finding and education. If the child has pox like rash, consider HFM,
2. Pediatric Resource Highlight: Rapid Access Guide for Pediatric Emergencies by Deb Jeffries, Lynn Sayre Visser
F. Survey on National Pediatric Readiness Project coming your way soon.
1. We are continuing to Encourage all of you to go to the

ENPC faculty and Course Directors will be receiving an email for further support through the transition.

Archived Reports
March 2022
ENPC 6th Edition will go live in November 2022. The last 5th Edition courses will be taught in January 2023. Instructors will be updated in October 2022. ENPC Instructor course will be held on April 13th.

Peds Readiness Project engagement was discussed at the state meeting.
This committee encourages all California ENA members to find out if their department is engaged with checking the Peds Readiness project.

January 2020
The Pediatric Committee has successfully completed a state sponsored ENPC Instructor class in the virtual format. In this class we were able to get 5 California students and 1 New York student successfully on to their next step to becoming ENPC Instructors.

The 2021 Chair and Officers are:

  • Chair: Debbie Lugo
  • Director: Mindy Potter
  • Director: Flora Tomoyasu
  • Past Chair: Brandon Stinnett

January 2020
We discussed new ideas for ENPC classes and the new ENPC instructor class format. We reviewed the information about pediatric strokes and thrombectomies being performed on pediatric patients. We also discussed pediatric patients with psychiatric complaints. We discussed the need for proper screening tools that help determine those that need placement and those that require resources. We discussed the need for group home workers or parents to stay with the pediatric patients during the time they are boarding in the ED; the requiring of a caregiver to stay can change the disposition of the patient.

May 2019
Our meeting discussed supporting Central Valley in development of ENPC Program. Their goal is that the region can support a program independently by 2024 including faculty and training. Regional Directors agreed to travel to host ENPC Instructor course in July. We will make this state sponsored. We will work with the people in the area to set details. There was a discussion of how to promote ENPC and one facility noted that it was an insurance savings to have nurses pediatric trained. The EMSC rules for Pediatric Receiving Centers and levels is approved, published, and live July 1 throughout California. There are 4 levels of designation: Basic, General, Advanced, and Comprehensive. Also, discussion of use of intranasal medication which seems to be common throughout the state and specifically CHOC is using Ketamine IN. Both Loma Linda and CHOC have had about 12 cases of pediatric stroke over the last month and there was a discussion about causes, treatment, research etc.

March 2018
In the pediatric committee there was a discussion on the ENPC revisions. We are expecting them to come 4th quarter of 2018, The updates will have more interactive lectures, more online, and there is discussion on a one day renewal class for ENPC. There are discussions about making ENPC and TNCC TNP’s similar. State sponsored course for ENPC instructor will be August 9, 2018 the day before the state meeting in Sonoma. This will be an opportunity for more of our members to attend the state meeting which is the next day in the same venue. It was agreed upon with the group that the committee will work with social media we currently have to promote any education or events that we have specific for pediatrics. There was a discussion on pediatric medication safety in Emergency Departments. The ENA has created a position statement on this process. We encourage all ED nurses to read this paper and implement the suggestions that are in this paper if it has not been done already.

November 2017
Call to Order by Trez Gutierrez. Approval of minutes from August Meeting. Brandon Stinnett was announced as the 2018 Director/Committee Chair. ENA Course Ops News: The 5th Ed. is still being worked on and will hopefully be ready by the 3rd quarter of 2018. The ENPC site on is being looked at due to difficulty in getting to the teaching slides. No unfinished business. New Business: Steven G. from UCSF Children’s who was referred by John Fosio, has requested a outreach grant, this was supported by the committee. Northridge has 10 Open Table: ENPC Instructors. Keep track of lectures that you have done and enter them in Course Ops. There is a new PALS Ped tape used on certain rigs that can be custom made and replaces Broselow. Next Meeting Jan 5th 2018.

August 2017
Summary of August meeting: Discussion of the updated National ENA website and ease, or lack of ease of use. Some people enjoy it, some do not. Generally, more clicks to get to areas looking for. Not easy to find courses for people not familiar with the site. Discussion through ENA Connect regarding recommendations for upgrade during revision. There is recommendation to move more lecture time to online modules. However, if there are more online modules, there needs to be a way to verify that the student has completed it. Also a request to make ENPC and TNCC match. There are many pediatric relevant educational opportunities: November 9, 2017 EMSC conference in Sacramento; September 18, 2018 3 day FEMA pediatric course at Loma Linda; August 17, 2017 Day of pediatrics Children’s Hospital Orange County; September 8, 2017 Child Abuse education at Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara, and at National ENA there is a poster presentation from Sutter Sacramento regarding their change of their waiting room to a “Pediatric Playroom” for their pediatric emergency department.

May 2017
Minutes from March 9, 2017, Approved. No President Report, No Course Ops, update Unfinished Business: ENPC IC Sponsored April 21 was completed by Jan Fredrickson with 10 New IC. Round Table Discussion regarding increasing ENPC courses throughout the State. More Courses are full, which is great. More instructor courses are increasing course options in areas struggling to meet demand of students. Next Meeting: No Pediatric Committee due to Chair unable to attend. Will resume Peds meeting in November.

March 2017
Minutes from January meeting approved Grant request for ENPC IC for Course Director/Faculty fee $500.00 approved and submitted to board Open discussion: Loam Linda: Megan is in 3rd step to becoming faculty; Last IC Mindy assigned IC the lecture that they would be monitored at to give feedback and improve confidence. Northern area Kaiser struggling to sponsor ENPC courses; Mentoring South Bay Sheryl Riccardi to be course director and start journey towards faculty Group discussed topics to present to quarterly conf call in April that course ops conducts Suggestion: 1. The access to instructor lectures 2. Improvement of communication with course ops 3. Instructor IC access/instruction to be same on how to access online modules 4. Problems with students to access modules on line code not working consistently 5. Propose that fees are combined to one fee instead of separate fees 6. Propose that the micro teach slides be on PDF for access due to large file.

January 2017

November Meeting Minutes ~ Approved ENPC Revision Update ~Course Ops developing new ENPC Manual ~ENPC Course with 5th Edition will decrease lecture time and increase more interactive stations ~New Study Material for students will be available through website ~Will create a one day ENPC renewal course ~Anticipated release date second quarter.

2018 Conflict of Interest form must be completed by all ENPC instructors and Faculty Instructor Pathway must be completed by all Faculty and encouraged for all Instructors Leadership development course.

~ Feb 17-19 2017 Las Vegas, registration available on web site.

ENPC sponsored courses 2017 ~Instructor course sponsored by Northridge hospital will be in Feb 2017.

November 2016
After the call to order and approval of the minutes from the August meeting, Trez Gutierrez gave her president report. ENPC instructor path webinar is available for free until November 30th of 20216, then will be offered at a cost. ENPC discussion of revision, but the revision is still not happening at this time. Pediatric Committee sponsored ENPC classes: Bakersfield area had in in April that had 12 attendees which will help with the opening of a pediatric unit at Memorial ENPC classes: Bakersfield area had in in April that had 12 attendees which will help with the opening of a pediatric unit at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield. Loma Linda and Rady’s held a course both with 16 attendees each. Mission Hospital held a course with 15 attendees recently. In October a instructor course was held with 5 new ENPC instructors and 2 that bridged to teach both ENPC and TNCC. A grant request was suggested and accepted by the committee for a course in LA County. Round table discussion: Rady’s has had a spike in CLABSI infections and training was started again, where the decision was made to be naked to the elbow prior to preparing to do anything with the central line. LA County is updating the Peds EMS protocol and working on the Peds Readiness Project with non-EDAPS. Patrice is no longer the Board Liaison for the Pediatric Committee and theCalENA. San Bernadino County updated their EMS protocol to include that prehospital providers cannot intubate 14years and younger, studies had shown that the outcome is better for this age range with just BVM assistance as opposed to intubating. The meeting was adjourned, but board members stayed to amend the committee’s current policies.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Our Goals

  • We continue to support the growth of ENPC courses throughout the state.
  • We will try to recruit more instructors to teach.
  • We will watch legislation relating to pediatrics.
  • We will work with the Injury Prevention Committee to set up some sort of injury prevention activity that can take place in several locations around the state.
  • We will work with the National Committee to see if we can make a pediatric get-together available at Scientific Assembly.

ENPC Courses

Need ENPC courses taught in your rural area?

Apply to the state ENA Pediatric Committee for grant money which has been made available for this purpose. You may apply for up to $1,000.00. Two such grants are available to help defray costs of this very important course. It is available on a first come first serve basis.

Requirements include:

  • Hold a 2 day provider course
  • Hold an instructor course to develop new instructors for your area

For a listing of current ENPC courses, go to the Education page.