Chair & Directors

Committee Chair:
Megan Duke

Regional Directors:
Judy Cline
Janis Farnholtz-Provinse

Committee Report to State Council

May 2023

We had a great Trauma Committee meeting last week with 28 participants. We discussed TNCC trends from both last year and this year. Last quarter we had 1,172 students go through TNCC! 741 in person and 431 virtually. We also had a great conversation with updates on the 9th edition TNCC course. A pilot 9th edition course was taught March 15th & 16th in San Francisco. Feedback given:

  • Lectures ran mostly as expected
  • Overwhelming positive feedback on the TNP scenarios- particularly starting with a simple assessment and moving to more complicated
  • Positive feedback on the decreased number of teaching points in the TNP scenarios
  • Written test was described as significantly more difficult that previous editions

Additionally we had Dr. Renee Smith present on her upcoming CE opportunity regard OB Trauma and give us about a 15 min sneak peak of what’s to come! It was a great discussion followed by a great Q&A session. We are thankful to everyone who made it out. Save the date for our next committee meeting August 1st at 1800!

Archived Reports

March 2023

In the March 14, 2023 Committee meeting we had 26 people attend via Zoom. Our educational offering was delayed, and we are hoping to have it ready by the May meeting. Our plan is to have a one hour educational offering in trauma available by a link that can be accessed on demand. We looked at TNCC class statistics comparing in-person vs virtual finding that consistently there are more in-person classes than virtual classes. We also looked at the total number of students in January and February last year compared to this year and we appear to be about 35-40 students more this year than last. The new 9th Edition TNCC is due to rollout in July of this year. A pilot 9th Edition course was held in San Francisco on March 15 & 16, and we have allotted time in the May meeting to hear how that went from some of the instructors. The TNCC 9th Edition should be fully in place by October 2023.

November 2022
Good meeting today! We are happy to announce Deb Lugo is joining Megan Duke as co-chair for 2023! We are still looking for additional regional directors. If you are interested please contact us. For 2022 California has had approximately 2,844 provider courses and 127 instructor courses. More classes coming in November and December! Great job everyone!

March 2022
Course Director Updates:

  • Provider expiration dates will reflect to the end of the month going forward
  • You can now order up to 100 manuals without reaching out to ENA
  • Students can now register with any email regardless of which one the course director gave
  • Students do not need to wait for the exam link once they complete their hands on test. They can go directly into their profile and take the exam after hands on portion is completed
  • Challenger modules are available, but not required
  • In ENA connect there will be a monthly update in the announcement section for the most important updates
  • Before an instructor course all the candidates can test up to 90 days before the instructor course. If outside of that time window you will need to retest 9th Ed. of TNCC Dates Released for 2023: Feb 28th: Last 8th edition Instructor Course Mid-April: Instructor Update Mid May: Go live for 9th edition TNCC courses July 23rd: Last day to teach 8th edition course.

January 2020
We had a GREAT committee meeting with lots of sharing best practices and collaboration. We are still awaiting dates for the new TNCC one day course launch as well as the date for when the course evaluation situation will be fixed. Stay tuned for updates! We also had an awesome discussion about what trauma orientation looks like at different institutions. Orientation programs from various institutions were shared as well as an article review on trauma documentation. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May.