One of the hardest things about running a California ENA Chapter is communication all of your information. How do you do it? Email? Social media? The San Diego Chapter of California ENA is taking a modern approach to enhancing communication of chapter events and information to their membership. This year, San Diego Chapter Secretary Natasha Ferrer-Perez is working to bring back the San Diego Chapter’s newsletter – The Wave.

ENA San Diego Newsletter

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By using the Apple Pages app on her phone, Natasha Ferrer-Perez is able to create modern, easy-to-read documents that easily communicate Chapter information to their members.

“I started with a template and just let it take off from there with an eye towards simplicity and information. I made sure to include at least one graphic per page and tried to make it a source of information. I also planned out what issue throughout the year will be about: Jan/Feb is reintroduction of the dormant newsletter, Mar/Apr will focus on our chapter’s annual education conference and the establishment of an ED managers’ collaborative, May/Jun will be a new grad focus, Jul/Aug will focus on EMS protocol updates and the EN2020 conference, and Sep/Oct will focus on the officer elections and Halloween,” Natasha shared with the California ENA Blog.

Natasha added, “A visually simple summary with easy language and lots of graphics will attract the average nurse member to actually open up the PDF and maybe at least go to the education listings or use it to look up the next available conferences.”

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Quick tips for creating a chapter newsletter:

  • Use a template! – By using a template on a program like Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Canva, you can create eye-catching documents without stressing out over formatting.
  • Provide all the info on your upcoming events! – Unsure what to put in your newsletter? Make sure to include all the info and dates for your upcoming meetings, conferences, volunteer work, etc.
  • Include your chapter’s contact info! – Include how to reach your leadership in the newsletter so that you can hear back from your members or so they can find out more details on how to get involved.
  • Let readers know how to become a member! – You may get readers of your newsletter who are not an ENA member. Include the link to join ENA –
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