My Name is Cyrus Rivera

My Name is Cyrus Rivera

My name is Cyrus Rivera, and I am an entry-MSN student at the University of San Francisco.  Since I will be graduating in December 2017, I started this year with two goals in mind: 1) to learn about what nurses do beyond clinical work in the ED, and 2) to ask for help in attaining a new grad RN job in the ED.  The California ENA State Council Meeting in January 2017 was the perfect place to begin, and in true emergency fashion, I fearlessly decided to attend.

Regarding work beyond the ED, I was immediately drawn to the issues discussed within the Government Affairs Committee.  Leslie and Al Duke, co-chairs for this committee, graciously oriented me with various health bills that I was unaware of.  Bills on community paramedicine particularly piqued my interest because I started my health career as an EMT.  After learning more about it, I am excited that it is significantly reducing ED intake while still addressing non-emergency health needs in the field.  Now, I am one of its strongest proponents.

Regarding help with finding a job, I was excited that I did not even have to ask!  At the end of the meeting, practically everyone was eager to help.  I obtained many leads and references to various new grad jobs throughout California, and I will be sure to follow-up soon.

My goals aside, it is just as important to highlight that I truly feel like I am making lifelong friendships within ENA.  I love that everyone pokes fun at each other in that characteristic ED camaraderie way, and it is inspiring to know that I share that with them.  Thank you to everyone at California ENA for being so welcoming!  I may not be able to help in big, sweeping ways just yet, but as I told Mark Wandro of the San Francisco Chapter, “I’ll sweep the floors if I have to!”

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